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Respecting essential oils

People have a lot of misunderstandings about essential oils. Some believe they are like pharmaceutical drugs, they are not. Some believe that essential oils are completely benign and you can use them, however, wherever, for whoever and for whatever you want.

That could be dangerous.

To start to understand the power of these little drops of gold you have to make way in your mind for something completely different.

You need to treat essential oils with respect and use them in a safe manner and you have to be open to learning about how they affect your body.

The effects of essential oils can be powerful, the effects of knowledge of how to use essential oils can be even more powerful.
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Health Canada has given us some great guidelines for using essential oils, along with designating many Young Living essential oils as Natural Health Products.

If you are at all curious as to how essential oils could make an impact on your health, your business, your life, your very future. Then we definitely need to talk. Go ahead, shoot me a message.

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