Photosensitive Essential Oils

As I was surfing the web, I stumbled up a news story about a women who made a mistake one day when she used photosensitive essential oils and then went to her local tanning salon.  She admited it was her own fault, I applaud her for sharing what happened just so other people won’t make the same mistake.  If you would like to see the results from the fateful day you can see them here.
With summer fast approaching I decided I needed to sit my teens  down and go over our family rules about wearing essential oils out in the sun.
My general concern was would they remember which oils contained natural molecules which react with sunlight exposure and cause a possible sensitivity reaction.  Not likely.  Well, 1 out of 4 of my kids would.
So, I decided to not take the chance that they would remember correctly.  Hey, they are my kids and we all forget things at times, even me. Excuse me as I tell my tribe to stop laughing hysterically, because they all know I’m the most likely culprit to forget something.  Ok, what were we talking about? Oh yes!
So, I was telling you how the Bronze circle was born.
Plato said, “Motherhood is the necessity of invention.”  In this case, Mom was standing in front of her oily cabinet trying to figure out how to attach a cute sticker with a smiling sunshine onto the top of each bottle that I wanted to warn my kids about.  I ended up rejecting that idea because well, I just knew the stickers would fall off.  Looking down I saw my bronze coloured permanment marker was left out so I snatched it up and drew a circle onto the tops of the bottles which I was concerned about.
Voila! Each bottle was marked.
For about a minute, I was concerned about marking up my bottles, especially if I wanted to take them to a Make & Take party but then I decided that it was a good way to show people which oils could cause sun sensitivity and I was no longer concerned.
So, now here is a list of oils that could cause an issue.

It won’t be an exhaustive list.

Make sure you read the labels of every new oil you get and take the moment to mark your bottles so your loved ones can use your oils safely also.
Angelica, Abundance, AromaSleep, Bergamot, Build Your Dream, Christmas Spirit, Citrus Fresh, Clarity, Common Sense,  Dill, Dream Catcher, GeneYus, Gentle Baby, GLF, Grapefruit, Harmony, Inner Child, Inner Harmony, Into the Future, Jade Lemon, Joy, JuvaCleanse, Lady Sclareol, Ledum, Lemon, Lime, Live Your Passion, Longevity, Oola Balance, Oola Grow, Orange, Peace & Calming, Raven, Reconnect, Sleepize, Slique Essence, Stress Away, Surrender, Tangerine, Thieves, Transformation, TummyGize, White Angelica
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