Mixing up oils – things to consider.

Ok, let’s talk about mixing up oils together.

Are there certain oils you shouldn’t mix together?

Can I mix two blends together?

You can mix any essential oil with any other essential oil. When you mix two essential oils with no carrier oil together you are creating a synergy.


noun, plural synergies.

  1. the intereaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc,; synergism
  2. Biochemistry, Pharmocology. the cooperative action of two or more stimuli or drugs.

Definition from

Which means the oils you put together are not seperate items but have now become something all together new. It doesn’t happen instantly but over hours to days. In simplest terms, think about how we combine ingredients to make a marinade. When you mix a marinade up and let it sit, it becomes something new, you can’t go back and seperate each ingredient out right?

Ok, so there is a caution to consider not mixing two essential oil BLENDS together. The reasoning is there is a lot of science put into creating each blend (synergy) and when you have a blend (again think about the marinade concept) there is a reason for combining those singles oils into a new synergy.

Young Living essential oil blend Digize
Young Living essential oil blend Digize

So, for example, if I needed Digize (which is a blend) and I hated the smell of it, I would add some extra peppermint because I love that smell and pepermint is already in the Digize blend. I wouldn’t however add Lavender because it is not in the Digize blend. You can always bump up an essential oil blend with an oil that is already in that blend. When adding single oils together try to only use 3-5 at the most. Don’t dump the whole kitchen sink into that rollerball bottle! LOL That’s what I used to do until I learn better.






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