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Ok, so today I want to chat with you about not getting into a rut. Our bodies are amazing things! When you use the same oil day after day your body adjusts to it. So, after a time, the oil doesn’t seem to be working any longer. That’s when people get discouraged and think the oils aren’t actually working. One of the amazing things about essential oils is they are so versatile!  For ex: Helichrysum & Marjoram are listed in 7 out of 8 sections of the Natural Health Products list!

It’s important to stay compliant and I would strongly encourage you to get your hands on an Essential Oil Desk reference and look up Helichrysum and Marjoram.  Do the research yourself you will be blown away at what these oils can do and don’t get me started on Bergamot!  When I look up a condition, I make sure to note 2-4 oils that I can use for that condition and rotate through those oils.  Each of those oils possesses chemical constituents that are slightly different and each brings something unique to my body to help raise my wellness line.  By only using one oil constantly, I am robbing my body potentially of other chemical constituents that I may need.

The other issue of staying in a narrow oily rut is that your body will adjust and you won’t see the same type of benefits from that oil that you have been using for months on end.  The best way to keep that from happening is to be pre-emptive in the first place.  Research which oils could offer you benefits, then rotate through those oils changing things up every few days.  For example for my seasonal relief I’ll use Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon in a roller ball which I can keep in my purse for when I am out and about.  But at home in the morning, I have a selection I can use – Tea tree, eucalyptus, ledum, Raven, RC and Roman chamomile.  I select which oils I’m going to use by smelling them.  I’ve learned that with my body, if something smells nasty I should use it.  I put it on my feet, but I still use it.  I get the best results by listening to my body.  So, some days I might put on just Tea tree, then the next day ledum and RC.  In my research I learned that ledum was something I wanted in my life for a healthy thyroid, so by using ledum on my throat I am helping my thyroid and my seasonal allergies at the same time.  Take the time to learn about each oil, get a reference guide and refer to it frequently.  Take time to pull out all your oils which are good for a specific issue for example Cold & Cough and stop and smell each one of them.  Take 2 mins and write the names of the oils down on a cue card and tape it to your over the counter cold & cough meds so you can quickly see what you could use instead.  When you are sick, you just want to feel better so why not use your essential oils to raise your wellness line and start to live a life full of vitality!

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